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Saving with solar power

Global climate change summits and government inducements point the direction for future savings with solar power.The aerial view of solar panels proliferating on our rooftops foretells the increasing power of solar energy. Data analysed by the CSIRO shows that in Australia in 2020, more than 362,000 rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installations … Read More »

When is the time right to sell in your suburb?

Timing your sale to reflect market conditions is important. Knowing when it is the right time to sell is never a matter of guesswork.Key indicators point the way for seizing the moment and setting the direction for future investment gains. Steady gentrification in your suburb or region often represents key demographical … Read More »

Summer home safety for your kids

Whether it’s in or by the pool, or simply within the confines of your great outdoors, making sure your active kids are safe this summer requires an outwardly mobile view. Common sense should always prevail. Constant vigilance and assigning householders age-appropriate safety duties/rules while also ensuring that older children are taken … Read More »

When is the right time to buy property?

Knowing when and where to buy property is the basis for wealth creation. Some investors adhere to a standard principle: rather than “timing the market”, they attribute the financial gain to “time in the market”.But there is a smarter way, with many preferring to take matters into their own hands.Successful … Read More »

How to refresh your home this summer

When gentle summer breezes beckon, it’s time to provide a sunny-side facelift to your home. This can be an inspiring project, but it might also seem daunting, at first.If you feel the need to makeover a particular room, you might not know where to start. Lifestyle and wellness company Tonic … Read More »

What to consider when leasing your property

If you are purchasing or have purchased an investment property for the purposes of rental income, read on, as we outline the necessary steps and considerations to take.What to fix before the ‘foot traffic’If your rental property requires a makeover or overhaul, attention to detail in the preparation process is … Read More »

Buyer beware of quick purchase decisions

About a third of property buyers fail to arrange professional building and pest inspections, according to an ME Bank survey. A further startling statistic reveals that more than half of Australian house hunters spend the same amount of time inspecting a property as they do bingeing Netflix for an hour, according … Read More »

Interior scents for all home zones

Our home is our sanctuary — and its comfort level depends on many elements. Aromatherapy is one such area that many forget to include. But its benefits are all-encompassing and therapeutic.Working with natural fragrance helps to maximise our time spent inside and out.Scent is a powerful sense that fuels physical and … Read More »

How to create the ultimate kids’ bedroom

Your children’s bedrooms are their private zone, where they can relax, unwind, study and hopefully get enough sleep. With lockdown memories reminding us that families are spending more time than usual in their homes, we need places of comfort, entertainment and leisure.This also applies to children, as they want their own … Read More »

What to consider when subdividing

If the subdivision of land is in your investment plan, there are many rules, regulations and financial options/variables to consider.Bear in mind that subdivision compliance, processes and costs vary on a state by state and regional basis.Check with your local council and construction company/developer before taking the leap.  Subdivision scenarios Initially, creating … Read More »