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Your home protection plan for bushfire season

The dire consequences of Australia’s Black Summer bushfires in 2019-2020 remain a tragic legacy. There were around 24 lives and countless wildlife lost, 2,448 homes, up to 6,000 buildings and millions of hectares destroyed as a result of partially preventative measures. 
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Investing in time is your biggest windfall

Shop around. These two words describe the best possible philosophy in any sphere of real estate — be it buying, building, renovating, searching for a mortgage or insurance, or simply choosing an agent to sell your home. 

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Real estate growth triumphs over adversity

With many real estate brands reporting record growth in recent months, coupled with interest rate lows, flexible lending and working arrangements, pioneering practices are rising to the challenges of pandemic-driven consumer behaviour.   

Embracing new technologies reaps results
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Your property inspection checklist: must-take items

Augmented-reality technology and pandemic restrictions are quickly changing the way we buy, sell and rent property. 

But for an initial property inspection, wherever and whenever possible, it pays to adopt a hands-on approach. 

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Lockdown fuels a keen desire to redecorate

Lockdown realities are not only changing the way we live and work, but also the environment in which we do so.  Given our close proximity to and focus on our homes, many householders are looking to redecorate.

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Working with nature to help property values thrive

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, the importance of presentation cannot be overemphasised — and never more so than in the garden. 

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How building with passive design adds value

Homes built for the future encompass increasingly popular passive design principles. From green ratings and solar energy to orientation, insulation and glazing, constructing a certified passive-design property is not only an exercise in cost-cutting and energy efficiency, but it can also add resale value. … Read More »

Creating workable home offices

The extended lockdown periods of COVID restrict many employees to their inner sanctums: i.e. the home base.

This comes as a welcome relief to some, who relish the avoidance of a crowded commute or being confined to an uninspiring office environment…. Read More »