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1. Collecting personal information

The information you provide to us is collected to enhance your use of the Site, to improve the Site, and to keep you informed of relevant upcoming events and our activities. It is also collected to allow the functions and services … Read More »

What level of home and contents insurance should you invest in?

If natural disasters foretell one aspect about home and contents insurance, it’s that more is more when it comes to the policy holder’s peace of mind and financial recompense. Home and contents insurance is only as effective as the features offered by the insurer and your level of coverage. But in … Read More »

Tracking the rise and fall of house prices

Record-breaking house price rises were one of the hottest industry topics in 2021. The first half of this year appears to be a little different. Nationally, prices are forecast to lift again in 2022, with Westpac last year revising its earlier call of five per cent to eight per cent.The bank … Read More »

The appeal of townhouses for first-time buyers and downsizers

In its report, The Advantages of Living and Investing in a Townhouse, property consultants Urbis say townhouses are emerging “with many of the attributes of a traditional family home yet offering a number of distinctive advantages over most apartment developments”.Demand has risen substantially due to the significant increase in the … Read More »

How to choose well when investing in property

Property investment is not a complex matter. It involves several simple steps and clear principles that continue to deliver steady returns over time. Buying a good investment property is built on the same principles you use to buy a home to live in — with one small but important difference.Investors must … Read More »

Interior decorating trends for autumn

As autumn weaves its magic in our gardens, there are several home decor trends that are also set to flourish in this season of regeneration.A large part of successful interior styling is the ability to adapt to the changing seasons and — with its implied comfort factor and colour scheme, … Read More »

Why get an agent to manage your investment property

Making sure your investment property is properly managed and protected is paramount to the investor. Appreciation and profitability go hand in hand towards ensuring that your investment enhances wealth creation and provides security for this generation and the next.It is important to compare and contrast the most desirable qualities of … Read More »

Financial steps for a stress-free retirement

With the steadily growing ageing population and rising age for pension qualification, Australians and New Zealanders are realising that they need to take proactive steps towards securing their financial future.To help ensure you are prepared for retirement, no matter what age you are planning to retire, property investment consultancy Dream … Read More »

Investment strategy helps millennials realise rent-to-own dream

An enterprising Australian company run by millennials is helping fellow millennial renters achieve their homeownership dreams. OwnHome, which launched late last year, is an Australian rent-to-own investor that has moved one of its first customers into their own home. After 16 long years of renting, partners Beau Fraser and Lance Purvis are … Read More »