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The hiring of an independent real estate agent can offer a personalized alternative when comparing to that of major franchises. You’ll receive more attention from your estate agent, as well as a more intimate experience and relationship based around consistent one-on-one interaction.
Independent real estate agents have gained a lot of momentum in the industry over the last ten years or so, and this could be for numerous reasons. Online listings via the internet have meant that anyone with a presence on the web can become visible enough to sell or buy homes.
Australians traditionally like working with people from their local area; we like the personal touch of family-owned businesses, and real estate now is no longer an exception.
Some people believe smaller niche-based companies are finding a foothold in the market these days because they are able to focus on a single product category, instead of the often more generic approach of larger organisations.
Interestingly, independent agencies often market themselves as being ‘boutique’ style offices.
In the Sept. 2008 Consumer Reports survey on real estate brokerages, the report concluded there was no indication of any difference in levels of satisfaction when people selling their homes used independent real estate agents or those from major real estate franchises. The survey also showed that independent agencies had more freedom to do all that clients asked of them.
At Hall & Co Real Estate… We are customer focused to your real estate needs.
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